College Rules

Rules For Students

Students of Sant Mela Singh College of Education must adhere to the following rules and set a good example of their conduct and behaviour:

  1. A pupil of the College must be punctual in the class, and regular in attendance. He/she will be eligible to sit for the Examination only if he/she has 80% attendance to his/her credit.
  2. Parents will be allowed to meet their wards in waiting room with prior permission of the Principal during working hours.
  3. Irregularity in attendance, neglect of home task, habitual indiscipline, disrespectful behaviour towards fellow students and teachers, bad moral influence, use of unfair means during Examinations, damage to College property etc. will be sufficient reasons for the dismissal of such a student from the College.
  4. A student who remains absent for more than seven days without prior intimation may have his/her name struck off from the class rolls and shall be dealt-with as per University statues.
  5. A student will not leave the College premises during the working hours except with the permission of the Principal.
  6. A Student shall be in proper uniform prescribed by the College.
  7. During the training period in the College, students are expected to maintain a high sense of discipline.
  8. No student of the College shall accept or retain full time or part time job during the period of his/her training in this institution.
  9. Raging covers all aspects of violence, physical or mental between two or more senior or junior students. Raging is totally prohibited in the institute and any one found guilty of raging is liable to be punished. Any such incident should be reported to the convenor of anti-raging committee of the college for further necessary action.The Principal of the college shall be the convenor of the anti-raging committee with two senior faculty members and two student representatives.
  10. Students are requested to go through carefully, the rules and regulations about attendance in class lectures, delivery of demonstration lessons, library, hostel and leave rules and observe the same strictly. After admission of a candidate is finalized, it shall be taken for granted that the rules have been properly gone through by him/her.
  11. Any dispute arising concerning college will only be settled in the jurisdiction of Jammu courts.

Discipline and Conduct

  1. Attendance in the morning assembly is compulsory.
  2. Non-Sikh male students are not allowed to keep long hair. The Sikh boys will have to wear turban. The girls shall wear Salwar-Kameez with dupatta as prescribed.
  3. In case a student arrives late for some reason, he/she must obtain permission from the principal before entering his/her class room.
  4. Care must be taken of College property and no student should scratch or spoil college furniture. Any damage to college property shall have to be made good by the defaulter.
  5. Attendance on the last and the first working day of the college is compulsory before winter/summer break and after re-opening of the college.

College Uniform

The pupil teachers shall observe the code of uniform in the College. The female students shall wear golden yellow salwar-kameez, dupatta during summer and navyblue Blazer during winter on golden yellow dress. The male students shall wear silver grey trousers, white shirt & black shoes. During winter, they shall wear navyblue Blazer with maroon necktie on white shirt. The sikh students shall wear turban. During teaching practice, the pupil teachers shall wear the college uniform.

Identity Card

Each trainee shall have to furnish one copy of his/her passport size photograph to the librarian to have an identity card issued in his/her name. This card shall be treated as a valid document to prove him/her as bonafide student of this College & will entitle him/her to other necessary privileges besides library membership.

College Assembly

Sant Mela Singh College of Education conducts Morning Assembly every day. It is a congregation of staff and students, followed by speeches of pupil teachers regarding thought for the day and singing of National Anthem in the end.