Message from Chairman

The Colleges are higher seats of learning, but the highest seat of learning is basic schools where a beginner learns what he/she never forgets throughout his/her life. However, Colleges have their own role in the educative life of a person. He/She learns many things concerning life and corrects many an illusive things learnt so far.

A College of Education is an important institute in a civilized society. Here, the Builders of Nation- the Teachers are shaped who join to be the learners, the pupil- Teachers. They have a very important role to play in life as teachers of the Educational institutions where PILLARS OF NATION, the students are shaped. Whosoever has coined the above quoted term is quite right in his statement, as the individuals make a society and society shapes a Nation. An upright individual makes a healthy society and a healthy society, upholding high moral values shapes a strong nation.

A population of individuals, sincere towards the society, honest in their dealings in day to day life and engaged in hard work to achieve excellence in their work in hand, makes a nation which is strong enough to be second to none in achievements, self respect and national.

The teacher, through his/her own example of high moral values and hard work inculcates in his/her student these qualities which appear in the form of national character. No doubt, teacher is the builder of nation.

With the blessings of His Holiness, Mahant Manjit Singh Ji (Sole Trustee), this college has served in the field of Teacher Education for the last so many years and has strived hard to achieve excellence in Teacher Education and the students of this college have hououred the college by securing positions at University exams and in other co-curricular activities. It is hoped that the college shall continue to render the best services to its pupil teachers in the times to come, too.

Prof. Anmol Singh
Sant Mela Singh College of Education