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B.Ed. course is a whole time course of one academic year duration. A candidate so long as he/she is student of B.Ed course shall not be eligible to attend any other course of instruction or appear in any other examination of the University except the candidate who has been placed under reappear category in one course/paper only of an examination other than qualifying examination or was scheduled to appear in the examination (other than the qualifying examination) either as regular or private candidate before the commencement of classwork of B.Ed course but could not do so on account of delay in the conduct of said examination even after he/she has been admitted to B.Ed course.

Eligibility For Admission in Two Year B.Ed. Course.

Admission to B.Ed. course in Sant Mela Singh College shall be open to such candidates who have passed Bachelor Degree with 45% aggregate marks for General Category and 40% marks for reserved category of SC/ST and others (as per rules of state govt.) in the branches of Arts/Science/Social Science/Commerce/faculty of Music & Fine Arts conducted by the University of Jammu or an examination of any other university recognized as equivalent there to Bachelor’s Degree examination of 4 years duration in a recognized university. The eligibility criteria are subject to change by the Jammu University from time to time.

Admission In The Next Semester

The B.Ed. course comprises four semesters. After the first semester, admission in the second, third and fourth semester course shall be made on the prescribed forms to be filled up by every student seeking continuation of admission to the next semester as it is done at the time of joining the first semester.

  • Admission for the second & fourth semester shall be completed by the Principal concerned within 15 days from the termination of the first & third semester examination.
  • Provided that a late fee as per the notification issued from time to time shall be paid by each student seeking admission after the last prescribed date, upto 3 days maximum delay and thereafter no admission for continued enrollment shall be made.

Medium of Teaching

English shall be the medium of instruction and examination in all papers except in Modern Indian Languages where medium of Instruction and examination shall be the language concerned

Draft Regulations Relating to Internal Assessment and Maintenance of Record in the Faculty of Education

  • Part - I Theory :-
    20% of the total marks in each paper shall be reserved for internal assessment as provided in the statue. The internal assessment in each paper shall be determined on the basis of two class tests/ assignements and attendance during the academic session.
  • Part - II Practice of teaching :-
    The practice of teaching shall be done through Micro and Macro lessons to be delivered by the pupil teachers. The practice of teaching shall be of 400 marks. Out of which 200 marks shall be reserved for internal assessment. The Distribution of marks shall be as under :-
    1. 15 Micro Lessons 30 Marks
    2. 20 Supervised (Macro Lessons) 120 Marks
    3. 2 Criticism Lessons 30 Marks
    4. Observation Lessons 20 Marks
  • Internal Assessment shall be made by a board comprising of:-
    *The Teacher incharge of the class/practising group.
    *The principal of the college.
  • In case of regular student who fails to pass the examination or having completed the prescribed course of study did not appear in the examination and appears subsequently in the capacity of a late college student, the internal assessment already awarded shall be carried forward.


In order to pass the examination, a candidate shall be required to obtain.

  • Not less than 36% marks in each theory paper separately in the written test (theory) and sessional work.
  • Not less than 45% marks in practice of teaching separately in sessionsal work and external examination provided that candidate who appears in the whole examination and fails in one more than one paper in an examination by deficiency of not more than 1% marks of the maximum marks of all papers in which he/she appears shall be declared to have passed the examination by adding the required number of marks in the papers provided further that a candidate who appear in one paper only and fails in the examination by a deficiency of not more than two marks shall be deemed to have passed the examination and the required marks upto two only shall be added in the paper concerned.