Co-Curricular Activities

Our college provides co-curricular activities like sports, musical activities, debates and discussions, essay writing competitions, slogan writing, poster making, display your talent, Rangoli competition, quiz competitions, Picnics, celebration of different important days which facilitate in the development of various domains of mind such as intellectual development, emotional development, social development, moral development and aesthetic development. These activities also guide the students how to organize and present an activity, how to develop skills, how to cooperate and co-ordinate in different situations and also provide the avenues of socialization.


Adequate canteen facility is available in the college. The canteen provides eatables at reasonable rates in most clean and hygienic condition.


The Library is located in the heart of the Academic Complex and is accessible easily to all the students. It is well equipped with a collection of Text books, Reference books, General Books, Periodicals and Journals. It also subscribes to nearly all leading Newspapers. The working hours of the Library are ordinarily the same as the working hours of the college. It remains open during vacations also.

Users & Their Privlleges

Students,faculty and staff of the college can become the member of the library. A person willing to become a member has to apply for membership on a prescribed form available at the curriculam of the library counter. Each member issued a libray pass book/card which is non transferable. Every member has to come personally to get the book isssued, however books can be returned through messanger.

  • Every students is required to obtain a library Identity Card.
  • Every borrower shall present himself/herself before the librarian at the time of borrowing a book. He/she can borrow two books at a time. The books should be returned within 7 days otherwise a fine of Rs.1/- per day will be charged for keeping the Library book after the stipulated time.
  • Any person who loses a book or returns a damaged/defaced/torn or blotted book shall be liable to pay amount, double the cost of the book.
  • Books/Papers of the following descriptions shall not be taken out from the library
    a) Reference Books.
    b) Current Periodicals.
    c) Newspapers.
  • All books shall be returned to the library by the borrowers (faculty members & students) whenever notice is served by the Principal/Librarian for the stock checking.
  • Books will be issued to the students on production of the library borrower’s card, issued at the start of the academic session. In case the card is lost, the student should bring this to the notice of the librarian at once to avoid any misuse of the card. A duplicate card will be issued on payment of fine after proper verification. A damaged card can be got replaced by surrendering it and on payment of cost of the same.
Books & Journals

There are sufficient amount of books and Journals to cater the need of college


The College provides suitable hostel facility for girl students with proper mess. Mata Gujari Hostel for girls is situated on the campus of the college.The warden of the hostel is highly educated and possesses high moral values. She is impartial, unprejudiced and secular and knows her job well.

Rules for Students Residing in Mata Gujari Hostel
  • Girls residing in Mata Gujari Girls Hostel shall be exemplary students. They shall attend to their duties towards studies first and last. A careless girl shall not be allowed to stay in the hostel.
  • Every student shall be expected to maintain discipline in the Hostel. Any body found guilty of the breach of discipline shall be turned out of the Hostel.
  • Every student shall help in maintaining the cleanliness in the rooms, bathrooms, corridors, lawns, terrace and surroundings of the Hostel building.
  • Torn papers, peels of fruits or any other waste material shall be disposed in the dustbins kept in the corridor for the purpose.
  • Students may be allowed the washing of garments with the permission of the warden, but they shall be careful in spreading the washed clothes on the terrace. The clothes should be spread only on the strings provided for the purpose and should be fastened with clips so that the same may not fly away with the wind.
  • Students shall observe a Hostel Time-Table which should be properly displayed by the warden office.
  • There are definite reading hours for the Hostelers. Nobody shall be allowed to do anything else during the study hours, which are fixed by the warden.
  • Likewise, there shall be definite hours for breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner fixed by the warden. All students shall adhere to this time schedule.
  • No student shall bring costly jewellary and excess of money or any other costly item in the hostel.
  • Mobiles are not allowed in the Hostel as landline facility for incoming calls for the inmates is provided in the Hostel.
  • There shall be student committee, comprising (desireably) one member from each room who shall assist the warden in fixing the study hours, maintaining discipline in the Hostel, and helping the warden in other problems pertaining to Hostelers.
  • With the permission of the warden, the students shall have a Mess Committee which will help in fixing the Menu with the approval of the warden, and help in maintaining congenial atmosphere in the dining hall so that all take meals satisfactorily.
  • Guests are not allowed in the Hostel. Only those persons (parents, real brother or sister) can meet the Hosteler in presence of the warden after getting her prior permission.
  • Going out of hostel is generally not allowed. But any student having a genuine reason shall only be allowed by warden and preferably she may carry some other student with her. They are expected to report back in time fixed by the warden.
  • No student can stay out if she is a Hosteler.

College Fee

The college charges fee as prescribed by the University of Jammu.